A Letter of Thank You – May 2023

Eighteen years ago, I was court ordered into AA and introduced to the 1414 club, a 12-step meeting place in Longview, Washington. After 3½ years of being a dry drunk, hanging out in the half measures room, playing pinnacle, cribbage, and jigsaw puzzles, I thought that was the program of AA And after thinking all those AA meetings were the … Read More

She lost her way – by Rachelle B.

Soiled by shame Wasted by guilt Pushed to jump over the bridge Told she was human in a mocking way to make her feel unworthy Illness didn’t break her into pieces the way so many others did who took more than she had hated in misunderstanding rage for their light wasn’t on fire as they had none not only a … Read More


December 11, 1934, remains one of the important dates in A.A. history—the day Bill W. guzzled his last drink en route to Towns Hospital. But the events leading up to this fortunate event also provide important reflection. On a “bleak day in November” (p. 8) Ebby T. carried his Oxford Group message of sobriety to Bill who was extremely impressed, … Read More

Newcomers Perspective – Rachelle B.

A few months ago, I drove the wrong way on a one-way lane. The flashing lights blinded my pained eyes. My heart beat on high alert. A cop followed me. Yet, I kept driving like a high and drunk genius. Another flashing cop car appeared behind the other one. Knowing two cop cars usually meant jail, I pulled over, hoping … Read More

The Submarine by Al B. – Lifeline Oct 2020

THE SUBMARINE Silent, watchful -all eyes onGuard for perilA submarine on the surfaceOf a dark uncharted seaA single door open for refreshing air Slowly, aimless constant drivingA destination unseenA home forgottenAlone, furtive and evasiveAlert for dangers unknown An alarm sounds-The steel door slamsWith echoing reverberationsAnd silently, once again I quietly sink beneath the wavesInto The Depths of Self -Al B.

One Day At a Time – David_Lifeline Oct 2020

My name is David and I want to start by saying that I have been in your shoes. People used to call me a dope fiend and gang banger. I never cared about what people used to think of me because I never cared about people. I spent almost 8 years in prison and at first it started out fun … Read More

Step 10 – Robert S._Lifeline Oct 2020

My name is Robert S and I am an alcoholic. Being this is October I thought it would be appropriate to review one of the most important steps of AA.Step 10: “Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it.”The first 9 steps get us to this point. I view Step 10 as a maintenance step … Read More