I Wish The Truth Could Be Told – Rand_Lifeline May 2020

As often as I’ve lost the timeBetween the times forgottenIt seems that though I’ve lost the timeIt turns out Johnny RottenHas long since tried to find his mindWhether times are rough or gayAnd although the times have lost their mindIt turned out just this way:I hereby declare the woundThat opened but in spiteThat I was trying hard to findAnd just … Read More

Not His First Rodeo – David L_Lifeline May 2020

So my story you might find like yours and I truly hope someone can take something from it. I grew up in a small town in Northern Utah after being adopted and my family was great. Now, think of anything a little boy could ever ask for while growing up on a farm. Horses, cows, dogs, cats, four-wheelers, big trucks … Read More

Calling All Weirdos! Laura C_Lifeline May 2020

My name is Laura, my sobriety date is May 31, 2009. This little story is about my experiences with the G.O.D. Campout! It is held every year in July at Defas Dude Ranch near Hannah, Utah. Mountains, meadows, forest, the river, and the heart on the mountainside make for a beautiful campout setting. If you haven’t been, I strongly urge … Read More

Whack-a-Mole – JQ_Lifeline Apr 2020

A goal I set in early sobriety when my sponsor was helping me with goal- setting was to write an article for the Lifeline on “Meeting Manners.” It was outside my comfort zone (opposite behavior) and I thought it may help other newcomers as I had been thoroughly confused the first couple of A.A. meetings. The verbiage of spoken and … Read More

The Line – Erik F_Lifeline Mar 2020

At some point a person makes a conscious choice to cross the line. This line can represent different things to different people but a major shift occurs once it happens. Events are set in motion, momentum takes on a life of its own. Ripples transform into tidal waves. Things change.People have always reminded me exactly where the line is. Everyone … Read More

Demon Inside – Anthony L_Lifeline Mar 2020

Demon InsideThere’s a Demon inside of me trying to take my soulA Demon so strong he’s starting to take controlThere’s a Demon inside of me born of my painI feel this Demon course through my veinThere’s a Demon inside of me slowly taking me to hellThis Demon is turning me into an empty shellThere’s a Demon inside of me powerful … Read More

“My Name is Riley”_Lifeline Mar 2020

Hello! My name is Riley and I’m and Addict. I’ve said this countless times in my life. I have attended more meetings than I will ever know. I’ve been a meeting secretary with my treasurer girlfriend, had a dozen sponsors and I’ve been on a service committee.Relapse after relapse after relapse as I tried still to find an “easier, softer … Read More