In Memory Of Stanley Henderson

Stanley Henderson1926 – 2020 Stanley Henderson of Salt Lake City died at his home July 23. He was the husband of the late Ruth Jameson Henderson of Salt Lake and the son of Robert Woodland Henderson and Winafred Smith Henderson of Arimo, Idaho. He is survived by a daughter, Mrs. Harold Wenglinsky (Maria) and a grandson, Martin Wenglinsky, of Brooklyn, … Read More

Forgiveness – Anonymous_Lifeline Aug 2020

In 1990 my son, Kris, attempted suicide. It wasn’t completely unexpected…I had been concerned enough about his somewhat erratic behavior for a few months. Yet, when he did, it threw me for a loop. So much so that in the ensuing weeks, I returned to my therapist for help in overcoming the debilitating guilt I felt. The one thing I … Read More

9 Items – Scott W._Lifeline July 2020

Hi, my name is Scott W. and I am an alcoholic. I grabbed my mail today from my mailbox and I found a hand-written note on school-lined paper folded in fourths. There was no envelope with it, no recipient name listed, no return address given and no explanation at all!NOTHING, except the nine items listed below. WOW! It was so … Read More

A Note from our Editor – Jason_Lifeline June 2020

Due to all the changes happening in the world around us, I have discontinued a few things temporarily. Nearly all meetings have been moved online. Most events and activities are cancelled or on hiatus. Once life gets back to some semblance of normal, your regularly scheduled events calendar and meeting updates will return. Because changes are happening on an almost … Read More

A Note from our Treasurer – Lenny_Lifeline June 2020

Greetings, Included here is the Salt Lake Central Office financial report for April 2020. As of 4/30/2020 our liquid assets are at a very healthy margin compared to our current liabilities. Overall we saw a net loss of only $186.87. Framing this against the changes due to the current pandemic, we are in very good shape. Group contributions are on … Read More

Memoirs of G.O.D. Campout – Eddie F_Lifeline June 2020

My name is Eddie and I remember my first GOD (Great Out Doors) Campout, in 1991, I drove up to the Defa’s dude ranch near Hanna, Utah. I was familiar with both the Dude ranch and the small town. My mom had brought me to Defa’s as a kid. And my dad had relatives that owned some property in Hanna … Read More

Reflections – Shurone H_Lifeline May 2020

The other day while hiking on my latest favorite trail, I noticed a fairly young tree, bent over by snow. It looked as though it was staring at its reflection, a black and white, two dimensional mirror of itself. As I continued hiking, my compassion for the weighed down tree took on new meaning. I know what it feels like … Read More