I’m New. Where Do I Start?

We have Can’t Stop Drinking and About Alcoholics Anonymous pages that can help you learn more about AA. For tips on finding a meeting, check out How Do I Find a Meeting?. If you have questions or would like someone from AA to reach out to you, call the Central Office or use the Contact Us form.

How Do I Find a Meeting?

All meetings in the Salt Lake area are listen on the Meeting Schedule. Due to COVID-19, many groups are now meeting online and can be found on the Online Meeting Schedule. For tips on attending online meetings, check out Attending Online Meetings.

You can also filter the schedule by other options, such as mens and womens meeting and other criteria. Keep in mind that each AA group is autonomous, so meetings can be very different. Check out a variety, and if you find one you like, ask the meeting members for recommendations of similar meetings.

Other Locations

With the proliferation of online meetings, it’s now possible to attend meetings outside of Salt Lake. The Meeting Guide App can be used to find meetings in other states or even countries! Keep in mind that the app will use local time, so you will need to convert to your timezone to figure out the actual meeting time.

Schedule Inaccuracies

If we have been alerted by the group, the schedule has been updated. However, some groups may have changed meetings without notifying the Central Office. If you know of a meeting that is misrepresented on this schedule, please let us know using the meeting change form.