Taking off-hours calls to the Central Office

The most important thing for every volunteer to do is to let the hotline coordinator know your shift and phone number.  E-mail hotline@saltlakeaa.org with your day, time slot, and the number calls should be forwarded to.  This only needs to be done when that information changes, such as for groups that have a different person take calls every month.  Let us know as soon as possible so we have time to get the system ready for you.  It is unlikely we’ll be able to update your shift the day of.

If you’d like to volunteer for a shift that isn’t already covered, check out the calendar below and e-mail hotline@saltlakeaa.org with all the same info as above. Not every week is the same and you don’t have to take an entire open slot.  The more we can get live people to answer calls the better we’ll be able to serve the community.

Check out these documents for help on what to do when taking calls.

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Volunteer schedule

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Questions for the phones coordinator? Want to volunteer?

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