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The Submarine by Al B. – Lifeline Oct 2020

THE SUBMARINE Silent, watchful -all eyes onGuard for perilA submarine on the surfaceOf a dark uncharted seaA single door open for refreshing air Slowly, aimless constant drivingA destination unseenA home forgottenAlone, furtive and evasiveAlert for dangers unknown An alarm sounds-The steel door slamsWith echoing reverberationsAnd silently, once again I quietly sink beneath the wavesInto The

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Message from your Treasurer

The message Central Office has been conveying for about a year is that we have surplus funds. We wanted groups to reconsider how they donated their money based on us having funds in excess of our prudent reserve. Central Office no longer has monies in excess of our prudent reserve. In June 2019, Central Office

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Site redesign 2015

You may have noticed changes.  Not so subtle ones.  You’re not imagining it. The Central Office of Salt Lake is getting a fresh new look.  The old look was nice, and over its 3 year run we received lots of very flattering comments which were greatly appreciated.  One glaring flaw, though, was the mobile device

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