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The Submarine by Al B. – Lifeline Oct 2020

THE SUBMARINE Silent, watchful -all eyes onGuard for perilA submarine on the surfaceOf a dark uncharted seaA single door open for refreshing air Slowly, aimless constant drivingA destination unseenA home forgottenAlone, furtive and evasiveAlert for dangers unknown An alarm sounds-The steel door slamsWith echoing reverberationsAnd silently, once again I quietly sink beneath the wavesInto The

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In Memory Of Stanley Henderson

Stanley Henderson1926 – 2020 Stanley Henderson of Salt Lake City died at his home July 23. He was the husband of the late Ruth Jameson Henderson of Salt Lake and the son of Robert Woodland Henderson and Winafred Smith Henderson of Arimo, Idaho. He is survived by a daughter, Mrs. Harold Wenglinsky (Maria) and a

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