She lost her way – by Rachelle B.

Soiled by shame

Wasted by guilt

Pushed to jump over the bridge

Told she was human in a mocking way

to make her feel unworthy

Illness didn’t break her into pieces

the way so many others did

who took more than she had

hated in misunderstanding rage

for their light wasn’t on fire

as they had none

not only a pitied human

or a drained empath or a mentally ill mess

an addict to fill the void

cursed away in judgment

told to heal herself

echoing the heartless realms

the final push to earthly death


only few can mimic

one day they may regret

burning her away

for she will rise

and need no more

for her power is unshakable

her pain dissolved

for she can fight

win every battle

in the end

you lost your way

while she found her soul

you die in jealous ashes

while her tears turned you into rock

she rose in strength

an unstoppable phenomenon

an angel vibration

she doesn’t hurt anymore

for now you feel her pain you caused

as you casted her away

she found another way to play

The range of joyful feelings

you will never ever know

for in boxes you sit

afraid of authentic power

not now or maybe ever

will freedom be yours

Stop covering her body

ignoring her invisible pain

controlling her fate

slapping her cheeks

bearing her true beauty

crucifying her choices

breathing her power

Only the one who can create a soul

on the lowest realm

is the one who needs to be heard

in the darkest night of the soul

the empath sister will soar

as a dragon with fire

in a mouth no longer able to be closed

she commands the judgement

with perfect love and peace

True beauty inside

scars everywhere

Never forgetting home is not here

Finally she sees your clear dark eyes

for she has found her way

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