A Note from our Editor – Jason_Lifeline June 2020

Due to all the changes happening in the world around us, I have discontinued a few things temporarily. Nearly all meetings have been moved online. Most events and activities are cancelled or on hiatus. Once life gets back to some semblance of normal, your regularly scheduled events calendar and meeting updates will return. Because changes are happening on an almost daily basis, please check out saltlakeaa.org/online-meetings for the most up-to-date online meeting schedules. That being said, I need content! Reader submissions look like the toilet paper aisle at the grocery store this month. I am going to start calling on people to share if my email box (lifeline@saltlakeaa.org ) doesn’t start filling up! Stories, poetry, artwork… anything really. Many thanks to all who read and subscribe!! Also a great big THANK YOU to Jennie for helping put this issue together!!


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