Serenity by Karen B_Nov 2018

Thirst grew with each breath

Inhaling sand as if air

Dry, Hot, Course

Burning Burning Burning

The unquenchable thirst of desire.

Praying for a grain of sand to become a drop of water

Drip Drip Deluge.

The Thirsty ones held out cupped hands

Drank Drank Drank

And never had enough.

Sand in our bellies, water tumbling down;

The pit in our body grew:

Heavy Heavy Boulder

Thant none could move alone.

The brave one withdrew her hand

Empty Empty Hopeful

She grasped another’s empty hand

They gazed upon each other and the bond became an oath

For each to stop the struggling, reaching out an open hand

And one By one By one

As the last hand grasped the first the circle was complete

Whole Strong United

The Circle breathed as one, as each breath touched stone within

Cracked Crumbled Softened

United breaths blew out the sand.

As they gazed upon each other, the circle filled with light.

No longer were they thirsty

No longer were they burdened

No longer were they empty

Each breathe, each gaze, each grasping of a hand

United them as one filled with light and hope and God

Together the circle spoke as one

Serenity Courage Wisdom .

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