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I recently I asked a newcomer if he would be willing to answer a few question about his experience thus far in sobriety. My intentions of this short interview was to get a different view on early sobriety. Also, a chance for other newcomers to identify with this man’s journey this far. Lastly, possibly helping sponsors identify with  new sponsees.  I want to thank our interviewee for being of service, for being vulnerable and for sharing his experience.

Humbly, Evan

“How long have you been sober?”

My sobriety date is 06/17/2016 . Coming up on 8 months.

“Do you have a sponsor and do you find this helpful?”

I found it to be life changing to share with another man what exactly has been going on with me and my life. I have never done that, not even close. My life couldn’t get much worse, so why not trust the system. I found that the program has totally accepted me, I am not unique , I have learned that I hurt a lot of people. I am no where near making amends, but I am making a living amends by my actions . I am showing them that I am trying to get this right. I still have thoughts about drinking socially, but am quickly reminded there is no doubt I will die from disease. I drove drunk countless times- I am an unconvicted felon. It feels like I don’t have anymore of those passes.

What do you think has been your biggest challenge in sobriety?”

My biggest challenge is time, its a slow process, I want to be fixed way quicker. I want everyone to come back to me with open arms. My sponsor shared with me that you have to live in acceptance of who you are at this moment. Live life on life’s terms. This is God’s time not mine. I had God in my life only when it was convenient for me. All of this is completely different now. I pray about it.

“What are some of the freedoms you have experienced in sobriety?”

Living life in the moment, learning to live life in the present. When I was drinking I could only think about the future and worry, worry ,worry, when was my next drink. Right now the program is teaching me how to live my life in the present. I have done bad things in the past and I can’t change the future. Which gives me peace and gratitude for everyday living. 

My wife of 35 years has noticed a huge change in my attitude, I am grateful , I have late night conversations with her sober, I am engaged, I make eye contact and I listen.

The return of loved ones back into our lives, learning about ourselves and learning how to love, are just a few gifts that sobriety has to offer- it’s a way of life.


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