From Your Chair – April 2017

I want to acknowledge and thank everyone who has made SL Central Office what it is today. From all those in the past (All 70 years!!) to those participating today. Except for our paid part time bookkeeper we are a totally volunteer operation. For those that may not be aware we are alone in accomplishing a volunteer operated Central Office, virtually every other Intergroup or Central Office that I know of has a paid Manager and usually another paid staff.

Our co-chair Gina has implemented a service orientation that will be presented before each of the monthly CO Rep meetings at 6:00, great work! She is also a liaison for the Newsletter Committee. Our Treasure Lorraine continues to show her dedication and committee as well by working with our bookkeeper and preparing the Financial Balance Sheet and Group contributions. We are in the process of replacing the old Point of Sales system with a new Cloud based system. Michelle, our Secretary is doing a wonderful job with the minutes, email communications and keeping things organized. Our Trustees are all stepping into their duties as liaisons to the various Committees and their assigned Districts. Speaking of stepping up, Bob C. stepped into the Trustee position that was vacated by Sharon’s resignation. Thank you all for your dedication and commitment to not only the Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous, but to our local Central Office. An amazing part of the reason the doors are open and the hot line is staffed is because of the countless volunteers that either dedicate time to answering the phones after hours or are able to come in to the office during business hours. You are all so very appreciated. It’s also been a pleasure to see the passion and dedication that the various Committee Chairs and their committees have shown over the past few months. Thank you all so much.

It has also been heartwarming to see so many Central Office Reps attending the monthly meetings! You are the link between your group and your Central Office. Thank you all for being the vehicle that carries the message between us, it’s a vital service for both parties! Central Office serves over 350 meetings in the Greater Salt Lake area. I would like to echo our current Outreach Committee chair’s sentiment, “I hope we have to start renting a bigger meeting hall just for the CO Rep’s meeting.”

You are all an amazing part of my extended family. Thank you all so much for the opportunity you’ve given me to participate in this amazing adventure!

In the Fellowship of the Spirit, Doug R.
Chair of the Board of Directors


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