Chair in the Corner – July 2014

Greetings, Salt Lake Central Office!

Our impossible experiment continues to thrive, the members of our community have taken full ownership and are having fun doing it. The breakfast on June 8 was well attended and very delicious, thanks to the seasoned chefs on hand. Do not miss the annual picnic on August 8 at Germania Park, it’s even better.

I have some sad news, our past Cooperation with the Professional Community Chair, Jeff M, passed away on June 1. His passion and love for this program will be missed.
Thanks go to Allison for stepping up to serve as the 12th Step Chair, one of our most vital services. Please help her by providing names and numbers of those in your groups willing to take 12th Step calls and make visits.

The opportunities to serve continue to be plentiful. Currently, the Public Information, Cooperation with the Professional Community and as of this morning, Treatment Committees all need Chairs. The term will end in December of this year, this is a great way to try out a service position without a 2-year commitment.
Our next business meeting is July 8, all are welcome, and it doesn’t hurt a bit.

In loving service, Wendy

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