What do you need?

The Ad-Hoc Committee to explore the feasibility of forming service committees at the Salt Lake Central Office invites you to discuss our needs regarding the AA services available to the Salt Lake area AA community.

What services are needed?

How can we best provide them?

What’s working?

What isn’t?

What is your experience?

Sunday, February 17th from noon – 2pm at the Central Office.  All are welcome, wanted and needed.

2 comments on “What do you need?”

  1. Karen Reply

    I would like to know the mission statement for Central Office. I’m concerned that the committees that are being formed duplicate the work being done at the district and area levels and are not part of the Central office charter. If Central Office has enough money to form committees – PI, CPC to do the work done by the districts, then instead lower the prices of books. Anyone who wants to volunteer to work on a committee is welcome to join the already established district/area committees.

    • C.O. Web Servant Reply

      The suggested new committees are a result of discussion with past and present district and area trusted servants at this February meeting. The purpose of the discussion was to come up with ways to implement GSO guidelines for central offices/intergroups without duplicating district/area efforts. Specifically, since Central Office is a coordinating body and a common contact point, the question was if and how can we create a version of these jobs that assists the districts and area. The ad hoc committee answered the first question by saying “we think we can come up with something that will work.” The next question, which hasn’t been discussed, is the “how” and is the crucial answer to your question. Budgets were proposed, but they are by no means definite because the work of these committees hasn’t been defined.

      We don’t anticipate a large fiscal impact, but that is entirely up to the group’s representatives to decide. The question of how much (not if) to lower the cost of literature is being discussed separately as we calculate a new prudent reserve level based on the savings from being volunteer run.

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