From The Chair in The Corner, Aug 2012

Well It has happened again. Once more yours truly is holding up the publication of the Lifeline, this time for the month of August. After a courtesy call from our esteem editor and a not so courteous message a couple of days later, a couple of apologies and a little begging for forgiveness along with a promise to have it in one hour on my part I find myself sitting at my computer praying for inspiration and waiting for the miracle to happen.

It seems like summer is moving at warp speed and before we know it will be fall and time to harvest, hunt and get ready for winter. BUT before that happens we must prepare and indulge in the annual Central Office Picnic. Our activities committee is busy getting everything ready and we of the board are all looking forward to this great adventure. This year several changes have been made as to location and menu. The date will be Sunday August 26, from 11-. The location will be Germania Park located north off of 5300 South at the end of the road just East of the Jordan River. We were not able to secure the pavilion at Murray Park and feel this will be a great alternative as it is more secluded and offers more space than Murray Park did. As for the menu how does roast pig sound? Having recently returned from a high speed pilgrimage to the very secluded town of Lincoln Mt. along with Doug C.  and after incurring several bruises to my previously unblemished pickup, getting to spend a little quality time with our Volunteer Coordinator Betty H. who pretty much spoiled us with her great food and wonderful hospitality we managed to procure Dean’s deluxe hand crafted mobile pig roaster.  Did I mention we were lucky enough to attend an A.A meeting in Lincoln and ran into others originally from the Salt Lake area. It appears to me that Lincoln must have in their building code a law that requires every other building on the main street to be a bar.

Last weekend I took the roaster for a test drive and cooked an excellent hind quarter in an effort to make sure it works. If you are not into roasted pig or you happen to arrive a little late there will be plenty of hotdogs hamburgers and maybe a chicken or two so no one goes away hungry. Please bring a pot luck dish to share and if you would mention in your home group that we are looking for donations for the opportunity drawing (aka raffle) from either groups or individuals from the program.

Remember that this is our last blast for summer and please help make it the best ever. If you would like to help please contact the volunteers at Central Office and get involved. Remember many hands make light work and service work will keep you sober.

We have an opening on the board for an Alternate Trustee and anyone interested in standing for this position should plan on attending the C.O. Rep meeting on the second Tuesday in August at 6:30. If you didn’t know the address is 80 W. Louise Ave.

We are still looking for people interested in doing service at Central Office during normal business hours. So far we have managed to keep the office open but if we don’t have people to fill time slots we will not be open. Hopefully this will never happen. Are you doing your part? Remember the Central Office belongs to you. You are responsible for it’s welfare. Please get involved, come see it. Join us for a cup of coffee and take a phone call from a suffering alcoholic or help an out of town visitor find a meeting or give a grieving mother a little hope that her son does not have to go it alone. It was there for you make sure it’s there for the next person that needs our help.

Yours in service


Nick R.

Chairman of the Board, Central Office


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