May 2012 Women’s Sponsorship Workshop

The first thought that usually comes to my mind when I think about a group of women getting together is drama (no offense ladies). At least that’s what it used to be. But there was none of that at the last Women’s sponsorship workshop held this past May in Altamont, Utah. Instead, the best way I can describe my experience at the retreat would be humbling, rejuvenating and well, just plain fun!

Betty H. did a fantastic job putting the whole thing together and as far as I know, everything went pretty smoothly.  The lodge was peaceful and comfortable, perfect for the event. We had four great ladies in charge of the grocery shopping and the cooking and believe me, no one went hungry. We also had the privilege to hear from two very inspiring women that Betty had invited to speak. Most importantly, the 30 or so women that participated in the workshop were all very excited and eager to learn and grow.

Now, this was my first experience at an event like that and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I certainly did not expect to be so overwhelmed by the amount of knowledge and wisdom that surrounded me. Come Saturday night, after listening to Cindy H. speak Friday night, going through the steps in the book with Betty H. all day Saturday then listening to our second speaker, Betty A., Saturday night, I was having a hard time. I went there feeling pretty good about my program but now, I was starting to doubt myself. These ladies had something so beyond what I had and there is so much more to the steps than what I had done so far…

Fortunately, as I listened to the other ladies share I realized I wasn’t the only one feeling a little down and overwhelmed. And as I talked with some of them, I also realized that the purpose of this retreat was not to beat myself up for the things I was not doing perfectly but to learn and grow in my own recovery so I can be ready to take somebody else through those steps and help them begin their own journey.

After all, who am I to think that I should have the same thing as those women with 20 or more years of sobriety? These women showed me that there is a season for everything and I am exactly right where I am supposed to be and extremely grateful for that, and for all the women at the conference that contributed to such a great experience!

~ V.L.

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