From: The Chair in the Corner, July 2012

Wow can you believe it? Spring has come and gone. June has come and gone. The Founders Day Spring Kick Off has come and gone. By the time you read this and before you know it July will have come and gone.

I hope you were able to attend the Kick Off, Xtreme Yard Sale and Group Competitions. If not you missed a great time and chance to see people that have been missing in your life since the last get together. I ran into someone that I haven’t seen for a couple of years and was happy to hear that they were still sober and things were good in their life. Also you could have become the proud owner of someone’s previously  owned treasure. I know that I made and missed some great deals. I even bought a chair that had been bought by another super deal shopper allowing him to make 50% profit on his investment in less than 10 minutes. You can’t do that in the stock market or any place else I know of anymore!  Many thanks to Joel and Penny for the tireless efforts on the BBQ’s and to Shar and her group of volunteers for all that they did. Seems like there was someone else, oh yes Kimmi, as always, you were terrific. Our speaker Claude did a fine job and a special thanks to all those that came and made it work.

On a personal note both of my boys did make the Graduation Walk at Brighton and Jordan High Schools in June and one of them presented me with a 4.0 report card that caused serious carnage on my wallet. Money well spent.

July is freedom month. Be sure and take a minute and be grateful for yours both as an American and as a sober member of AA.  Both are gifts that required much pain and suffering on the parts of others and have been freely given to most of us. If you get the chance maybe thank a Veteran or reach out to a new comer. Do something for someone and expect nothing in return. I am always amazed at the joy it brings.

The Great Central Office Volunteer Experiment is headed into its 7th month and all is going well. Betty is going to Montana for most of the month of July but has arranged for daily coordinators to keep us in top form. If you have a couple of hours on any day of the week to volunteer at Central Office or if you just get a chance to stop in and thank those that give their time to keep the doors open please do so. It is nice to have several people here as many hands make light work. Besides new stories are always welcome.

Plans are underway for the annual Central Office Picnic. Don’t tell anyone, but rumor has it that we may roast a pig this year for a little change. Get ready to purchase opportunity drawing (aka raffle tickets) from your C.O. reps and if you or your group would like to make available a prize all donations will be greatly appreciated. Look for more info in next month’s corner.

As always your comments and suggestions are welcome. Call me on my cell at 801-664-1206 and/or email me at and then call me to ask that I look at my email.

Yours In Service,

Nick R.
Chairman of the Board @ your Central Office

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