FROM: The Chair in the Corner, May 2012

Today is April 17, 2012 and once again I am a little late with my creation for the May LIFELINE. However in my defense I am much closer to being on time than normal. Should this trend continue I could actually be on time by late summer.  (Progress not perfection)  Hopefully everyone paid their taxes before midnight tonight or at least filed the paperwork for an extension.

The deadline to submit an application for the bookkeeper position ended on Sunday and our ad-hoc committee will be looking them over and conduction interviews for the position. Thanks to all those that submitted an application.

Betsy M. our literature chair has stepped down due to her need to be with her husband Jim as he undergoes cancer treatment. Thank you Betsy for all your help and may Jim’s recovery be quick and complete.

Chris H. stepped up and will be taking over the job of Literature Chair. Chris has been helping Betsy so the change should be seamless. After watching the inventory for the first quarter the literature committee has made a large order of literature both from AAWS and The Grapevine that should allow us to keep all materials in stock and available when you and your groups need them. If you find we don’t have a book, pamphlet, or anything else offered by World Service or The Grapevine it can be ordered by one of the friendly folks at your Central Office.

Also I would like to welcome Meg to the group. Meg volunteered to take the position of Archives Committee Chair and will be looking for help in the form of volunteers with that commitment. Please consider a Central Office committee when looking for service work in A.A.  Help is always needed on all committees inc. 12 Step, Activities, By-Laws, Hotline, Lifeline, Literature, Outreach, Volunteer, Web and now Archives. Surely one of these ought to spark some interest. It only requires a couple hours a month and I have personally found service work to be both fun and rewarding.

On the 19th of April we will find out if we can operate as a unit without Betty H. Uh Oh! All hands on deck, man the battle stations. Actually I predict all will be well. Betty has spent countless hours helping us get ready for this week and for the time when she makes her escape to the mountains of Montana this summer. Betty tells me that Central Office will be in the capable hands of Karen B. and Dour R. in her absence as well as the many members of Betty’s Brigade.  I would like to personally thank Betty for her tireless effort 5 days a week for the last 4 months helping to make this grand experiment work and become a reality for all of us.

Our activities committee tells me that a date has been set for the Second Annual Spring Kick Off and Extreme Yard Sale. What an opportunity to get rid of all that stuff taking up space and not being used or worn for the last year or two. Please bring those donations to Central Office or if you need a truck for large items please call Nick R.(me) to arrange for pick-up and storage. Mark off June 9th on your calendar and be sure to come and have some good old AA fun. Watch for flyers to be available soon.

Wendy W. says that the outreach committee is in the home stretch as far as making contact with all the groups that your Central Office serves and that just a few more volunteers would make it so much easier. After all, we all go to meetings, find out if a meeting you go to is on her needs to be contacted list and carry the message,  Central  Office wants your input and participation. We would like to see you represented at the Reps meeting or at least an email address so we can keep you informed. Service work can be that easy.

Have you seen Charlie T’s Big Book Small World wall. It’s on display at Central Office for all to see. What an amazing evolution it has undergone. From 2 bookcases in the meeting room to the showpiece in our new library. Every week I meet someone newly recruited by Charlie to help with the idea. When finished it will be something to be proud of. Thanks Charlie.

I want to thank all of the members of the Central Office Team for helping to make the turnaround such a great success. We are indeed fortunate to have such good and dedicated  people working to make Central Office a better place . To the Board, the Committee Chairs, and all the volunteers I am truly grateful.  Thank you for all your time and effort.

If you are not part of the team I wonder what you are waiting for. If you have been waiting to see if it’s going to work it appears it will. If you think someone is going to do your part for you possibly you need to think again. We need your input to make it better. We need your help to make it great. It was here for you, make sure it’s here for the next person in need. Get involved, share a little of your time. I promise it will not be in vain. Many hands make light work.

Your Humble Servant,

Nick R.
Chairman of the Board, Central Office





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