FROM: The Chair in the Corner, December 2011

Greetings to all. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and a safe and enjoyable Black Friday. To all of my fans (both of you) I apologize for not writing for the November issue of the LIFELINE. I was very busy trying to secure a paying job with a race team in Las Vegas. Being unsuccessful I decided to take a much needed vacation in South Dakota and take out my frustrations on several pheasants that lived in the area. To the rest of you that read this column I am sorry to say that I’m back.

I would like to welcome the new board members that were elected at the November CO Reps meeting. Kent S. will be moving from Trustee to Secretary, Jeremy C. will be moving from Alternate Trustee to Trustee. Rich W. will be our new Alternate Trustee. Welcome to all and I look forward to working with you. Apparently no one wanted to stand for treasurer. That position is still open and hopefully will be filled at the next Reps meeting. In December we will elect chairs for standing committees. Another chance to do service work.

Were you there, did you partake, what did you think of the movie? What am I talking about? Why the Chili Cook Off of course. What a culinary extravaganza, never in my life did I consider how many different ways there were to make chili. We had over twenty different varieties of chili that ranged from traditional southwestern to white bean and chicken, we had chili with an Italian flair, a New Orleans Twist, a Chile and corn bread casserole, Chili Verdi, a pumpkin chili, and even one imported from Costco. Oh yea did I mention that the movie was good and the company was fantastic. I guess to sum it up it was a gas. A big thank you to Joel and Penny for putting it on and pulling it off. Also to all of you that helped with the set up and clean up a big thank you as well. Many hands make light work.

Ron and Sandy have announced plans to retire at the end of the year. Ron has been at Central Office for 22 years and Sandy has been there for over 17. Thank you to both of them for all they have done for Central Office. They will be missed greatly. Central Office will be open on New Year ’s Day and an open house is planned for Ron and Sandy from 3-5 that day. Please plan on attending and come to Central Office during the day for coffee and conversation.

What are we going to do without Ron and Sandy? I’m glad you asked. Tonya plans to stay on as bookkeeper and a committee was formed to look at Central Office going forward absent a manager. We are exploring the idea of Central Office being run by volunteers from the community and possibly adjusting the hours of operation accordingly. Hopefully our new Volunteer Committee chair will be able to fill the positions to keep Central Office open as always with no change in service. What do you think can we count on you? Call me at 801-664-1206 to find out what openings are available. We have 2 and 4 hour shift openings Mon-Sat.

As you can see lots of things are happening at Central Office. Don’t you think it’s time to get involved and make your voice heard? Is it not time to do your part instead of letting someone else do it for you? Central Office needs your help. We need your help. I need your help. Together we can make Central Office meet the needs of our community. Need a New Year’s Resolu-tion suggestion? How about putting a little time and effort into Central Office so it can be here for the next person like it was for you. Think about it.

Yours in service,

Nick R.
Board Chairman Central Office SLC

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