My PRAASA Experience – Evan J_Apr 2019

Hello my name is Evan and I am an alcoholic. Praasa 2019 was held in Irvine, California. I arrived Friday morning curious as to what this experience would have in store for this alcoholic. Usually it’s some kind of god shot or I meet an old friend from the past. For me, I enjoy living in the moment and letting spirit handle the details. Friday afternoon I picked up the name tag and registration packet, while in line I spoke with an alcoholic from So Cal that I met at last years forum, so here we go with the unity the feeling of love and peace, I am at home. I found a seat in the audience and located a couple members from our area 69 and so the weekend begins.
Saturday morning, excited for the days panels and information we would receive. I sat with a friend that I had known for 20 plus years, which I met last year at praasa, we had lost touch for many years only to meet again both trudging the road to happy destiny. We took notes, listened to past delegates, and listen to speakers on events happening and upcoming events in A.A. It’s a movement. I see that at these assemblies and forums. Alcoholics working together in unity to carry the message and help the alcoholic who still suffers. Young peoples in Alcoholics Anonymous had a strong showing with ideas to offer. Ideas to better identify and include young members in Alcoholics Anonymous. All-inclusive never exclusive.
Sunday morning open mic sessions. An alcoholic got up a shared that we need as older members to step down and let the youth handle the digital aspect of A.A. I am a little twisted on the subject of “digital world” and “social media”, “you tube”, etc. I have an 18 year old son who is part of the millennial class, we were having dinner the other evening and he sent me a text, “Please pass the ketchup”, well he did say “please”, but I am concerned with the power of this device. It seems to me that were loosing touch with our intrinsic nature. Nobody is communicating, we’re all busy looking at a screen. The hand of A.A. can’t be felt through a text or an email. Its one alcoholic working and communicating with another on an intimate level of love and tolerance. I wouldn’t ask these kids to spend another moment behind a screen. I would ask them to get outside in the sun, get those toes in the sand, and their hands in the dirt, get connected with our intrinsic nature.
All be it, the media could be a great source of advertisement, let’s run a couple PSA announcements during the super bowl or the World Series, but maybe we could ask for more participation first. My home group has about 30 members on any given day, 3 of which are in general service. That is about 10 percent participation. Maybe in our announcements we can be a little more enthusiastic and passionate to capture more participation. I have heard in A.A. we don’t have a money problem we have a participation problem. So before we go down that digital raceway, let’s stick with unity and get more participation in our home groups. More love and tolerance, less Facebook, snap chat, and tweets. We can do this together, one day at a TIME.
In loving service,
Evan j.

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