Poem by Larry N_Jan 2019

Sometimes I’m a savage
And then sometimes there is sadness
I sit alone, my mind is blown
Trying to rectify the madness
The divorce comes, I’m free to run
should bring tons of gladness
For the first time I am single and I wonder how that happens
The bottle was my escape and my ex just wouldn’t have it
I start thinkin thoughts inside my heart, I stop cause I demand it
I sit here and I’m cryin but it’s not as if I planned it,
But my life it slowly fell apart, and this is where I landed
I got sick, I started drinkin and it grabbed me single handed
I tried to disappear, then was firmly planted
Uprooted from the earth, on this island I was stranded
This is hard to admit for me, so if I may be candid
I’m not seekin freakin pity, I’m just seekin understandin

To me it was embarrassing, I became an alcoholic
I thought that I controlled it and that I could resolve it
Every man has challenges, we all have freakin problems
You find that life is puzzling,
The key is how you solve it
I thought that I controlled it, I thought that I was magic,
But it grabbed the soul inside of me, it became a daily habit.
Everything I loved was gone, it was purely tragic
And I can only blame myself, my mind was purely frantic
Then I hit rock bottom, my heart began to panic
It arose my higher power and I knew that I had it

Putting life together now, some days I’m truly happy,
Other days I smack myself, feeling pretty crappy,
But I’m a man, admit my flaws, no obstacle can trap me
My higher power now guides my life, no way that it will snap me
Life’s a race, a marathon, no way that you will lap me
I own my consequences, whatever life will hand me
So mark my words, I’m coming back, my God will help to guide me
Im giving all my will to him, so now my soul can fly free

-By Larry N.

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