AA Behind Bars_Justin M_Dec 2018

My story is one of many I’ve heard after attending so many A.A. meetings throughout my addiction. Though it may be similar to others stories, I can only hope that there is one person out there who can relate and possibly find the strength to confront their struggle head on. I say this because the happiest times in my life where while I participated in A.A. and had the support of my fellow brothers and sisters in sobriety. My addiction first started in Battle Mountain, NV. After many years jof drowning my emotions with drugs, I finally met a beautiful women who not only was also an addict but also wanted sobriety. Our plan was to change our environment, which meant moving from Nevada to Tooele, UT. We were extremely successful in our first year, building a happy family and living in sobriety. Unfortunately we eventually fell back into our addiction, thus beginning a two year downward spiral and eventually losing the relationship I had with my wife and son. After hitting “rock bottom” I finally chose to visit an A.A. group in Tooele, UT. I knew I had nothing to lose. What I gained from that first meeting is something I’ll never forget. At first I was unsure of sitting around sharing my stories of “rock bottom” and it’s basement. By the end of my first meeting I had a sense of inner peace that I had eluded me for many years. I had always tried drowning my demons, never realizing they knew how to swim. With this meeting I found a way to extinguish my demons! Looking back I can say that I was welcomed into a family, people who truely cared for me and my well being. They opened their hearts, minds, and spirits to a stranger, and that touched me deeply.Throughout my life I’ve been avandoned and cast away, but this group of people actually cared! It blew my mind, to say that my sobriety relied on not only myself but another addict. None the less I wouldn’t take back a single meeting or the introduction to someone who has shared their struggle in hopes that it may help me though my struggle. To everyone out there that wants to change their life…it works if you work it! Also to every alcoholic/addict out there that has attended a meeting with me…thank you for listening, thank you for sharing, and most of all, thank you for caring.

Your fellow addict, – Justin M.

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