Surrender – Jeremy M_Sept 2018

Surrender. This word never made so much sense in all of my life. Giving up the fight, I “surrender” god..Help me get my life in order. I can’t I’ve tried. It’s not me! It’s other people. It’s all thier fault. If only life was the way I wanted. Well, people places or things may never be my way…so I surrender. That gives me more serenity to live my every-day life. Relying on a higher power to take care of things reather than my selfish ego is a lot less stressful. God’s in control not me. It may not always make sense but it’s always for my benefit. Currently I’ve been questioning god a lot… but I’m learning to trust and leave the outcome up to him and I believe all will turn out for the good… His will, not mine. With that I will take another 24.

Thank you -Jeremy M.

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