Drugs Get in Life’s Way – Sam K_June2018

Drugs offer instant thrills

to latent desires unfulfilled,

Misery created through fantasy

incites unbalanced philosophies.

More victims infected by social disease

is an illness that’s become systemic

now, it’s a self gratifying epidemic.

Drugs get in life’s way.

It’s the course to hopelessness

sleeping on floors as a guest,

victimizing children and babies

abandonment and negligence

as parents desert all worth saving

ambitions lost, futures hazy

who need’

s life, so stressed and crazy.

Drugs get in life’s way.

There’s truth in the reality

that feeling good is a fallacy.

Drugs alter the personality

feeling good to find “self”

then crashing down–nothing left

struggles, stress all by “self”.

Fortunes lost, nothing left.

Stuck! Alone, alone with “self”.

The drugs got in life’s way.

What more can one say?

Why do we do,

what we do

when we know what drugs do

when you take a risk and

you lose, then you pay.

Well, I’ve lost a lot

because I simply forgot

That drugs get in life’s way. -Sam K.

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