Becoming Willing – Michael S_Jan 2018

I was raised in an LDS family. By the time I hit 15 I’d discarded Mormanism as a whole. That is about the time I started drinking as well. When I was arrested in 2006 I was an adamant atheist and raging alcoholic. It seems often that people find God in prison then leave Him here when they’re released. I was determined for a long time not to be one of those people. I suffered from that God hunger that plagues all addicts, so I began my spiritual journey. I studied many religions and spiritual paths, but I still struggled to accept many mainstream faiths. It was one of the A.A. volunteers that helped me find my higher power. The Big Book of A. A. that she quoted held the key, “A God of your understanding”. I don’t have to have a concrete perception of God. I just have to be “willing to believe” in that power greater than myself. Most peoples spiritual awakenings are not so dramatic. Mine was a torrent of divine inspiration that manifested in the people around me. It could be a coincidentally perfect piece of advice or the key words I needed to hear on a particularly hard day. God works through and around me every day as long as I work the steps! Service is a big part of that, but just being willing to believe is the key. -Michael S.

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