AA Behind Bars: Finding Hope for a New Life – Anonymous_Nov 2017

I started my addiction at the age of ten years old. Drinking was a common thing in my house hold, and from age ten my usage increased and by junior high I was drinking almost a fifth a day. By high school it was black velvet and marijuana, cocaine and pain killers, and after high school it was one big party along with jail, prison, and countless bad relationships. A repeat cycle that never produced any good. Then in the spring of 2009 I was introduced to methadone and absolute vodka bombs and I continued on that path until November 2012. I moved out here to Salt Lake City Utah where I gave up the methadone and became a liter of whiskey every two days, and that only increased with time, like before I found myself in a loveless marriage. Me loving her and her loving her affairs which led me into total relapse of meth, liquor, heroin and once again to prison. I served twelve months and was released in January 2017, but while in prison I never wanted to seek out help or deal with the fact that my marriage was over, so in June of 2017 I found myself in R&O out here in Draper thanking God I was caught. For the first time in my life I was glad I was in prison, I was off the street and ready to face my addiction head on. It’s not easy to admit that your powerless over a substance, but sometimes we all must face the truth, and this time I’m facing the truth. I’m not only an alcoholic, but an addict, but I’m dealing with my issues and my addiction one day at a time thanking God for one more chance at life and to be sober. I’d like to thank a man I’ll call Mr. P for giving this old Michigan boy a little inspiration and hope. If Mr. P can do it so can I.

Thank you, Anonymous

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