Going Back Out – Trip M_Oct2017

“Going back out.” Only three words, but in many respects the scariest three words we can hear in AA.  Many of us who have been out dread the thought of going back out but we do it, again and again.  One of the greatest strengths of AA is that the group continues to support fellow members who make that huge mistake.  How many of us don’t come back in out of fear that they won’t be received with open arms upon returning to the group? After an extended trip to the dark side I have gone to new groups just to avoid the stigma of screwing up.  I have learned in my 13 years (in and out) that members want to do anything possible to encourage us to come back and work the program again and again.  The program’s lack of judgment is in many respects it’s greatest strength, I would like to thank everyone who has encouraged people like myself to come back to meetings.

Thanks, Trip M.

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