AA Behind Bars: A Prisoners Perspective – Jay D_Sept2017

In April 2015 I woke up in a holding cell in the county jail. Only then did I realize that I was in the relapse that had been controlling my life for over two years. I was told that my bail was one million dollars. I knew I was in a lot of trouble!! The first couple of months of jail I was held in administrative segregation, where all I could do was read, pray and have conversation with one other inmate. It was “hard time”. I realized how much I wanted the sobriety that I’d thrown away and decided to start working the 12 steps again. I turned to God with full purpose of heart. There were three meetings a week and a workshop service available and I attended them all with an attitude of humility and desire. I was miraculously provided with a sponsor and over the course of the next 18 months I thoroughly worked and lived the principles of recovery. As I did so I felt the power of God come into my life and heart. In November of 2016 I came to prison. As I sat in a cell receiving an orientation, wondering what my fate would be, and praying for help, I was given a strong moment of serenity where my higher power let me know that wherever I went in the system, and however long I had to be here, he would be with and take care of me. I’ve been in the conquest program of the prison since December, 2016. We have 13 twelve step meetings available per week and some great volunteers from the street who make them all possible. I consider our Sunday night big book study my home group. The street volunteer Pine is a great blessing to us. His story is nothing short of a motivational miracle and provides all of us with hope! As I’ve given myself to the 12-steps of A. A. over the last 28 months of my life I’ve felt a tangible sense of peace come into my heart and mind. I know it works! Thanks for letting me share… Jay D.

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