Pass the Gavel – Words from our In-coming Delegate Renee H. – 2014

Dear Friends,

Service in the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous has an incredibly broad and vast range of opportunities for anyone who wants to get involved. From being a door greeter at your home group to being a delegate of your area, and everything that comes in between; whether you’re answering phones at central offices, volunteering at institutional facilities, being on any kind of committee, participating in workshops and assemblies, going on Twelfth Step calls, buying subscriptions of the Grapevine/La Vina—whether for yourself  or to give to homebound members, or to leave in your Dr.’s offices—all of these are vital and important acts in the effort to extend the hand of AA and its life saving program to the still suffering alcoholic.

I remember the first time I volunteered for service in AA. I was 18 months sober and a two year secretary position became available at a meeting I was regularly attending. I remember being quite intimidated by the prospect of making that long of a commitment. No one seemed to be interested in filling the position, and so it was left open for about a month. I thought about it even harder when I had sort of a light bulb go on in my head that—if I committed to the position, I’d certainly have to show up to the meeting every week—and I’d surely have to stay sober in order to keep it. So, what do I have I to lose? Nothing, right?! By the end of that commitment, which seemed to fly by so fast, I realized that I had 2 more years of sobriety than I did when I first started as secretary! Wow! At that point I said to myself, what’s next? Then the flood gates were opened and I was searching for another “job” in AA.  I had learned by now that the time commitment involved in filling any service needed in AA, is still only a “one day at a time” gig. And with that understanding, I have been involved in General Service to Alcoholics Anonymous for a while now. I often wonder if I would still be sober today had not my “Higher Power” given me the courage to raise my hand back then.

So…here’s what’s happening in my service journey at present:

Area 69 held its 2014 Fall “General Service Elections” Assembly September 26th – 28th. This is such an exciting yet humbling experience for AA members getting involved in the General Service structure. Elections of Area 69 Officers are conducted by ballot using the “Third Legacy Procedure”, as described in the “A.A. Service Manual Combined With Twelve Concepts for World Service” by Bill W., and is found on pages S21-S22.  Area Standing Committee Chairs are elected either by ballot or by raise of hands of all eligible voting members of the Area Assembly. Area 69 elections are held every 2 years (in even years), and the rotation of the new panel begins January 1st (of odd years). As with most service positions in AA, these commitments are 2 year terms.

Some of you may have already heard about the results of the Fall Assembly Elections through your GSR’s reports and through the “grapevine” word of mouth. The Area 69 “Pass the Gavel” December Committee Meeting, being hosted by District 10 on December 6, 2014, is when and where the currently serving Panel 63 Committee Members will graciously “Pass the Gavel” to the newly elected Panel 65 Committee Members, and we’ll get to hear them share about the gift of sobriety through their personal service journeys. Everyone and anyone in the fellowship is welcomed and encourage to attend this one day event  to meet the incoming “trusted servants”, and to thank the rotating-out “trusted servants”. This is a great opportunity to check out general service if you’re interested in learning more about it. “There is always a job to do in A.A.!” as a very good friend mine always told me. Please join us—I look forward to meeting you there!

In Gratitude, Love, and Service,

Renae H.

Utah Delegate Elect (2015-2017)

Area 69/Panel 65


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