From: The Chair in the Corner, April 2012

Saturday morning March 17, 2012 started like most Saturdays in the sleepy little town of Sandy, Utah. After a quick shower, shave and a hot cup of coffee I left my house and headed for Central Office of Salt Lake City.  As it was about 7:30 am not many people were on the road or the freeway for that matter. I made good time exiting on 3300 south about 20 minutes later and then heading north on West Temple. As I turned right onto Louise Ave. I almost ran off the road. On both sides of the street and in every parking place from West Temple almost to Main Street were cars, trucks and more cars. Tied to both trees in front of Central Office were bicycles. Even a motorcycle or two could be seen parked on the road. (still a little cold for a scooter ride I think)

What could bring so many people out on a Saturday morning? I’m glad I asked. Why only our own  Volunteer Committee chair Betty H. doing an early morning speakers meeting. The meeting room was packed with standing room only. I decided to sneak into the kitchen and found it to be jammed with a multitude of cooking machinery all being run by volunteers in the process of preparing green eggs and ham along with pancakes for breakfast. Also for the less adventures of us I saw a pan of regular yellow eggs being made. FYI green eggs taste very much like regular scrambled yellow eggs once they are out of sight of your eyes.

Next on the agenda for me was a quick trip to the expo center to meet my son and leave my dog with him for a splashdogs jumping competition. Then back to Central Office for the first ever inter-group and Central Office state of Utah workshop/get together and of course lunch. Nothing brings alcoholics out of the woodwork like free food once they stop drinking. Before that it’s free drinks.  After the morning session and lunch its back to the expo center for a couple hours and then? You guessed it back to Central Office for what else dinner and the All Groups Meeting. If you haven’t been to one or don’t know about them a group this month the UP group hosts the meeting and picks a panel and a topic. Then the 4 person panel speaks on the topic each for 5 minutes after which they pull tickets and other others get a chance to share on the topic. Once again the meeting and food were great. Most of those that came for the inter-group get together stayed and mentioned what a great day it had been. If your home group hasn’t sponsored an All Groups meeting maybe you should get them on the stick.

Does your group have a 12 step coordinator? What is a 12 step coordinator do? I’m glad I asked. You should pick a member from your group to help recruit members from your group to take 12 step calls. This person should be someone that knows the members of your group. When we get a request for a 12 step call then Carl C. can contact them and in turn they can contact members of your group that fit the request ie men women in the area of the request etc. This should make carrying the message streamlined and more efficient. Please give 12 step coordinator information to your Central Office rep to pass on to Carl C. or call him at 801-860-2644. Thanks for your help.

Have I told you what a great team we have at Central Office? The board, the committee chairs and all the volunteers appear to be coming together for the common good of Central Office and the AA community as a whole. Are you a part of what’s happening? Would you like a chance to do a little service work and feel good about doing it? Help us make a difference. Help us make it surpass every ones expectations. Volunteer for a committee, help answer the phones, go to other meetings and invite them to participate in service at Central Office. There is something for everyone to do. Spend a little time at the new Central Office. If you haven’t been here since the first of the year you don’t have a clue about what it’s like. This is a place for old timers and new people alike. Come have a cup of coffee and see it, feel it, enjoy it, it belongs to you and YOU ARE WELCOME HERE!


Your humble servant

Nick R.
Central Office Board of Trustees Chair

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