From: The Chair in the Corner, March 2012

Today is Tuesday February 21 and to me it feels like I am over a week early with this submission but our editor informs me that I am actually a week late.  Possibly you noticed that your March edition of the lifeline actually arrived around the 1st of March rather than middle of March as expected. This is just one of upgrades being made by our newsletter committee. Doug and his crew do an exceptional job of keeping the members of AA informed of the happenings at Central Office and around the valley. Doug is also looking for articles from you. If you have an experience, strength or hope that you would like to share with us or if you just want to climb on a soap box and spout off to the world send your contribution to and let’s fatten up our newsletter a little. Did you know one of our contributors/board members/volunteers/all around good guy Al L wrote a story for the Lifeline and also submitted it to the Grapevine and it was published in the February Grapevine. Congratulations Big Al.

The All Groups meeting on the third Saturday of the month continues to grow and once again the host group Happy Destinies did a wonderful job with the panel and along with those that attended put on a great pot luck. How does it work? I’m glad I asked.
Step 1 your group signs up with the outreach Committee to host one of the monthly meetings.
Step 2 your group picks a topic.
Step 3 your group probably gives food assignments.
Step 4 your group gets all excited and makes a decision to out do the previous groups and everyone gets involved.
Step 5 your group picks a panel of 4 speakers to present on the chosen topic.
Step 6 your group and everyone else shows up and brings a pot luck item at six pm on the third Saturday of the month.
Step 7 we all eat, drink and be merry for an hour and then we enjoy a great meeting.

There you go. Everyone is full (Happy) everyone enjoyed each others company (Joyous) and everyone is sober (Free). Oh and did I mention that was the topic last month. Come join us on March 17 and see what it’s like. Bring a pot luck dish and have a good time. OR BETTER YET MAKE IT AN AA DAY. Did you know that March 17 is St. Patrick’s Day. Of course you did we are alcoholics right. Every alcoholic knows about St. Patrick’s Day. And what do we do to celebrate? Once again I’m glad I asked. How about we all get together at Central Office 8:00 A.M. sharp for a speaker meeting and breakfast with what else Green Eggs and Ham maybe some hash browns, a pancake or two orange juice and of course plenty of COFFEE. Our speaker will be Betty H. Afterwards it’s off to the parade or maybe to the couch for a short nap and then back to Central Office (or just stay at Central Office) for what else the First Annual Central Office Intergroup Gathering featuring members and guests of Central Offices and Intergroups from around that state. Topics of discussion to be what it was like, what happened and what it is like now. Of course refreshments (lunch) will be served. Then if you haven’t had enough of Central Office or enough to eat then join us for the March All Groups Meeting and of course dinner. Help me prove my theory that the way to attract a sober alcoholic is through his stomach. So there you have an easy way to stay sober and avoid the stove and dishwasher for a day. What a concept.

How about our volunteers aka Betty’s Brigade. Those folks have stepped up and are off to the races. I can’t say enough about them. Every time I go to Central Office there are new faces to be seen. All with big smiles. I met a young man named Logan today, 5 days sober and showing up at Central Office to help. At noon he went to a meeting at the bowling alley with an escort of about 60 years of sobriety and then turned down a ride home to come back to Central Office to help me put away inventory. Why did he do this? When I asked he told me that he felt safe here and he was having a lot of fun helping and listening to the stories. He also said he would try to come back tomorrow. What a success story. Your Central Office is changing and expanding. If you are not a member of Betty’s Brigade you are missing out. I know that, because of time, many people do not have the opportunity to help during regular business hours. However many things remain to be done.

I would like to challenge you to help me eliminate the need for the phone service. All it would take is for a few good folks to step up and take the phones during unfilled blocks of time. It’s not that hard, it’s kind of fun and usually it really doesn’t involve a lot of time. Forward the phones to your cell phone and go about your business. Take a chance and take them at night. You probably won’t lose any sleep. You might get the chance to help someone counting on you. If we could eliminate the phone service we could save at least eighteen hundred dollars a year. Think about it, we can make it happen, you can help. Sign up for the twelve step list and give back what was so freely given to you.  I can go on and on about what a great team we have but I will save that for latter. I will see many of you at Central Office on Saturday March 17 and we will smile and have fun for we are not a glum lot.

Yours in service
Nick R.
Chairman of the Board
Salt Lake Central Office

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