Online Contributions to Salt Lake Central Office

Help support the Salt Lake Central Office by making a donation.

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In Person and Online Meetings

Salt Lake has in person, online, and hybrid meetings! Check out the schedule! If your group changes meeting format, don't forget to let us know, and check out our resources for help running meetings.

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Come be of Service!

Central Office has positions available! To stand for a position or learn more about how Central Office runs, come to the next Central Office Rep meeting. We meet the second Tuesday of each month, in person and on zoom.

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Meeting in sign language

“A Moment of Silence” needs support from AA’s who know sign language. The meeting is conducted entirely in sign, no interpreters are present. Wednesdays at 7pm 567 West 2600 South (Backstreet Club) in Bountiful. For more information or to get in contact with members of the group use the Contact Us form.

Changes to Saturday meetings

Two quick changes: “A.A. Saturday Speakers” at Fellowship Hall has been renamed to “Saturday Night Speakers” “Saturday Night AA” at the University Psychiatric Institute (UNI) has been renamed to “A.A. Saturday Night Speakers.” The two groups are very similarly named but were printed incorrectly in the schedule.  The meetings themselves are unchanged.

New Site Design

The next time our trusted servants meet at the General Service Conference the theme will be about AA’s responsibility in the digital age.  In the spirit of that ongoing discussion the website for the Salt Lake Central Office has been (re)redesigned.  We’ve got a news feed, a real calendar, file downloads all over the place,

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