Online Meetings

The Salt Lake Central Office is providing online meeting spaces through Zoom. Members are able to attend meetings using an app on their phone or computer, or dial in to a phone number.

Go here to read about how to host and participate in an online meeting.

Meeting spaces are similar to physical rooms: 1 meeting at a time. Groups will need to reserve a time slot in one of the available meeting spaces using the form at the bottom of this page. Each space has a code name that corresponds to the instructions used to connect/call.

Spaces are limited to a max of 100 people. If there is demand beyond our capacity we will expand as we are able. We ask that you limit socializing within the meeting space, and shorten meeting times to 50-55 minutes to allow more groups to use the time slots.

When you join a meeting using a web browser or the app you will be muted by default. If you call in, please mute your microphone when not speaking to help keep the space orderly.

If for some reason we need to restrict access to meeting spaces with a password, that information will be distributed to the person who signed up for the time slot. They will be responsible for getting it to group members.

Update – 3/24/2020

GSO has circulated guidelines on default settings for Zoom meeting rooms to protect anonymity. We have applied these settings to the rooms we control and encourage groups that have set up their own spaces to do the same.



For Zoom users: With the rush to shift to online meetings, many of us did not take time to investigate what this meant to the spiritual foundation of our recovery – namely, anonymity. Now that online meetings are accessible, we want to pass on best practices for protecting anonymity.

These have been curated from the membership and online resources.

The default Zoom settings run counter to AA’s spiritual foundation of anonymity. The meetings are publicly accessible and full names and faces are often displayed. Additionally, by default all Zoom meetings are recorded to the cloud. Turning that feature off is simple, fortunately.

There are other settings in the Meeting subtab that can also be adjusted, such as disallowing remote control of devices, file transfer, data sharing with Zoom, and screen sharing.

Here are some suggested settings for your meeting to use. Please note that most, if not all, of the settings below are not the Zoom default:

In the Zoom Settings section, under the Meeting subtab:

  • Require Encryption for Third Party Endpoints
  • Disable Auto saving chats
  • Disable File transfer
  • Disable Feedback to Zoom
  • Disable Screen sharing
  • Disable desktop/screen share for users
  • Disable Remote control
  • Allow Virtual background (this is the Zoom default and allows the user to use a virtual background instead of the inside of their apartment, for example)

In the Zoom Settings section, under the Recording subtab:

  • Disable Local recording
  • Disable Cloud recording
  • Disable Automatic recording

Connecting to a Meeting Space

Connecting to an online meeting space is done with a web browser on a laptop or desktop computer, using the Zoom app on a phone, or calling a number and entering the meeting ID. Each of the spaces has a different browser address and meeting ID.

To call into a meeting on your phone, the number is 1-669-900-6833. You will be asked to enter the meeting ID to join. If, for example, the group you’re trying to join is registered for 8 PM in Zion, its meeting ID is “942 255 578”



Park City



  • Web Browser:
  • Call in number: 1-669-900-6833, Meeting ID: 285-646-780

Independent Meeting Spaces

Some groups have created their own online meeting solution. Check the online schedule for the most current information on how to connect.

Current Sign-Ups



Park City


Group Sign up

Time slots are given on a first come, first serve basis. As with real world meeting spaces, try to allow time for people to clear out of previous meetings. We need an email address to contact you if your requested time slot is not available. Once you are assigned a room we will update the meeting schedule as well as the calendar on this page.