My Home Group: The 12 o’clock High in Bountiful, Utah – Chris S_Lifeline Jan 2020

The 12 o’clock High group of Alcoholics Anonymous started in 1989 at the Bountiful Community Church located at 142 N. 400 E. in Bountiful Utah. The meeting was formed by Brent S. who now has 31 years of sobriety. According to Brent, there was only a couple of A.A. meetings in the Bountiful area at the time. He told his sponsor, Horace, that he could not stay sober by only attending a couple of A.A. meetings weekly. Therefore, Horace told Brent to start a new meeting. The group originally met every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Still thriving today, the group meets Monday through Friday at noon.
Some of the original members included Brent S, Horace, Stephon, Paula, and Barry. Approximately half of the original group members have moved away from Utah since it began in 1989. However, many of the original members still live in Davis County Utah and still attend the meeting. In the beginning, the group was not registered with A.A. Central Office and was known as the “Bountiful Lunch Bunch” meeting. After being absorbed into the “12 o’clock High” group, the meeting was registered with A.A. Central Office.
In the early years of the meeting, participants took turns with service work. Officer positions such as Secretary, Treasurer, and General Service Representative (G.S.R.) were eventually filled. The group and meeting maintained contact with the district. After attraction by word-of-mouth, the meeting began to grow steadily over the next 10 years.
The Meeting was held at the Bountiful Community church until January 2000. During these eleven years, the meeting attendance tripled. At this point in time, the meeting was moved to the South Davis Recovery Club in Bountiful, also known as the Backstreet Club. The 12 o’clock High group is currently held at the South Davis Recovery Club located at 200 W. Center Street, Bountiful Utah. The club itself has moved two times since it was formed in 2000 and the A.A. meetings have followed. There have never been any changes to the group name since it was formed. The 12 o’clock high group has always been an “open A.A. meeting.”
After moving to the original Backstreet Club, the 12 o’clock high group began keeping accurate records. Since 2000, the group has been registered and recorded with Alcoholics Anonymous Central Office, Episcopal Diocese of Utah, the L.D.S. Church, and Alcoholism and Drug Services of Davis County Utah (see attached records). The group is currently active in District 11, Area 69. Also, the meeting contributes financially to the district, state, Central Office, and nationally to the General Service Office (G.S.O.).
There is great pride in service work on every level. Announcements every Monday and Friday ensure service positions are filled on a group, district, and state level. Also, periodic business meetings are held for all members of the group to voice concerns and take group inventories. After business meetings, the 12 o’clock high group supports and participates in regional functions, conferences, and workshops.
Sobriety anniversaries and “birthdays” are celebrated daily. One of the main objectives of the group is to help the “new-comers” achieve sobriety with sponsorship, literature, and a strong support structure. This structure also includes members carrying meetings and the A.A. message into the Davis County Jail.
In sum, the 12 o’clock high group of A.A. has been thriving for almost 31 years in Bountiful Utah. There is an average of 20-30 people in every meeting and continues daily to carry a strong message of recovery. Current service positions include:

Phil T. – Grapevine Representative
Scott D. – Treasurer (also Alternate D.C.M.)
Dawn – Secretary
Kayleigh – Alternate Secretary
Chris A.- District 11 Treatment Chair
John R. – District 11 Corrections (Davis County Jail)
Kameron K. – D.C.M. (South- District 11)
Colby – Alternate G.S.R.
Chris S. – G.S.R. 12 o’clock high group

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  1. Debbie Reply

    Great article by Chris! Well written! Clearly describes the service, dedication and pride shown by the people of the noon meeting in Bountiful, Utah.

  2. Kareena murphy Reply

    Well represented Chris!!! I was unaware of the history of these amazing meetings! Bountiful has roots of service and pulling together! Those wonderful representatives are shining examples of experience strength and hope! Bountiful will always be my home group! Thanks Chris for taking the time to write this incredible article.

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