She – Karen B_Oct 2019

As I kneel upon the earth asking why, why, why?
I look up wondering is She somewhere in the big blue sky?

Is She that tawny hawk flying circles in the air?
Does She feel my heart break open as I offer up my prayer.

Kneeling on the earth, I feel the chill seep from the ground,
Is She the sun bringing warmth to all she has found?

Is She the wind that touches all, but no one can see?
With everything upon this earth, She knows my soul within me.

Could She be the cloud above floating gently over mountain peaks,
or is She all of this that my heart yearns to seek?

If only I could touch her, or she could hold me for an hour,
Then I feel that I could name her my loving Higher Power.

As the evening sun sets, colors of the painted sky explode,
Our arms go round each other in a gentle loving hold.

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