UCYPAA Recap – Amanda B_Sept 2019

The Utah Conference of young people in AA began on June 28th in Bryce Canyon. The theme for this year’s conference was “We will not regret the past…nor wish to shut the door on it.” The conference began with everyone arriving at the Ruby’s Inn and Campground and preparing for a weekend of Speaker Meetings, Panel Discussions and of course camping and hiking!
The first night we had the privilege of hearing from Finn A. who was visiting us from Arizona. We heard Finns story of growing up on the South Side of Chicago and learned about his experiences with his first introduction into AA at just fifteen years old! It was a riveting story proving that you can achieve sobriety no matter what your age. Following the speaker, an AA meeting commenced around a campfire located on the Camping Grounds. It was a great meeting with some great shares from our fellow young people in AA.
The next morning we prepared for a hike through beautiful Bryce Canyon. One of the highlights was the view from Inspiration Point at the beginning of the trek. We hiked down through the canyon, enjoying all of the breathtaking views of red rock and the perfect weather. After the journey through the canyon we returned to the campground and enjoyed a barbecue with hamburgers and hot dogs, followed by an inspiring message from Tina A. Besides the wonderful message from the speaker, one of the most notable events of the evening was a hug between the person with the most time and the person with the least amount of time. it was very inspiring and a good reminder that we can’t do this alone! The person with the most time just happened to be our speaker Tina A; it was a great way to end the night.
The uplifting weekend concluded Sunday morning with the speaker Wade J, It was so neat to be able to experience all this in such a beautiful destination, surrounded by the breathtaking red rock ! I had an inspiring and spiritual experience. Thank you for letting me share!
-Amanda B

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