Panel 69 Post Conference Assembly June 7-9 2019, Vernal Utah_ Kurt G_July 2019

823 cumulative years of Sobriety and Recovery! That’s what we surrounded ourselves in at the Post-Conference Assembly! The Sobriety Countdown was a highlight with many recovering for multiple decades in the program. What an awesome spiritual blessing to be in the company of such service-oriented alcoholics. The longest span of 55 years was reported by our dear Past-Delegate Mickey. She now resides in California, but she planned a trip home to be with Utah AAs on this important date. Having just celebrated my 5th birthday, it was inspiring and humbling to see how it’s done one-day-at-a-time! Another highlight was the Sunday morning Ask-it-Basket session where we were treated to hearing our current Delegate and 6 past-Delegates field questions from assembly participants. It is always informative, thought provoking, humorous, entertaining and inspiring! We were also privileged to hear two speaker meetings from Brett of District 10 and December (what a great name) of District 8. Both had harrowing stories of despair; followed by hope, recovery, working The Steps and living life on life’s terms.

All that and I haven’t even come to the “Primary Purpose” of the weekend in Vernal! What an awesome time it all was! The reason for the Post Conference Assembly is to give our Delegate the opportunity to report back from his week at the General Service Conference which was held for the 69th time in New York City. Our Area 69, Panel 69 Delegate Matt D., from District 11, gave a much anticipated, impeccably prepared and skillfully delivered report from the conference! The juiciest, most noteworthy agenda items seemed to be the ones related to AAs cherished literature. The idea of a 5th Edition Big Book with new stories from young members narrowly failed. And the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions will not include reference to the Twelve Concepts as that agenda item also failed. The Delegates also affirmed the AA policy of not featuring full-face actors in PSAs. Also, several AA pamphlets will be getting revised. This is but a sampling of the full agenda, but gives a taste of what our Delegates do at Conference. Possibly the most awesome news to come out of the week, was that the 2022 Pacific Regional Forum was awarded, with Matt’s help, to Utah! It has been 23 years since we’ve hosted the Forum. For me, that sounds like a great event to look forward to (and to stay sober for;))

Thank you for letting me share!
Kurt G. DCM/District 2

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