My Home Group: Women’s Circle of Hope_June 2019

The Women’s Circle of Hope held their first meeting in 2008. We met at the Mountain Road Church located at 796 S Mountain Road in Fruit Heights, Utah. The meeting still meets at this location every Saturday from 10:00am-11:00am. At the first meeting, 10-12 women attended.
The founding member of the group is Susan M. E. and she was an early group officer, along with Kirsten E., Heather L. The group was small at that time , there was only 10-15 women at the first meeting, so these women rotated positions practically every week. The group did list with the General Service Office in 2008 but in researching the history of the group, we found that they only had paperwork from 2012 onward.

This meeting started because there were not any women’s meetings with much support for understanding about AA. This has always been a closed women’s meeting and all women are always welcome. The founding members went to other meetings and announced the meeting time, date, and place. They also passed out flyers with the group’s information. In that first year, member numbers were down to two women and so we almost gave up the meeting. At that time, we had women attending the meeting who only wanted to share on the addiction problem, not the solution.
Now there are, on average, 12-15 women attending each week and a strong sisterhood has grown from this meeting. Each week we try to focus on the solution and read the traditional literature such as the Daily Reflections, 12 Steps, 12 Traditions. We celebrate group member’s anniversaries of sobriety by giving coins for milestones. These coins come from the members themselves who donate the coins so we can remain self-supporting. We will be celebrating the group’s anniversary this year by attending a Women’s Retreat in September. This is the first time doing this but we hope to do this again each year to celebrate the group’s anniversary.

Our members are very active in participating at the group, District and Area levels. Our group has all positions filled and, in the spirit of rotation, new members serve for 6 months for all positions except Treasurer and General Service Representative (GSR), as these are 2-year positions. We have monthly business meetings where we hear the Treasurer’s and GSR’s Reports and review old or new business. Our members are also very active in service to a variety of conferences, assemblies, and conventions. We support other women’s group’s fundraisers in both attendance of them and in announcing them in other meetings to raise awareness of the events. Our group also cooperates with professional agencies by signing court cards, taking meetings in to the women in jail, and are on the call list at Central Office.

Since the beginning of this group we have shone a light for other women with a desire to stop drinking. We foster an open and loving atmosphere to everyone and that carries each of us through the next 24 hours. We have a phone list that gets updated regularly. Anytime there is a woman attending our meeting for the first time, a home group member will make sure to give her the phone list and we make sure they feel welcome. This group has garnered a name in the region for being a great women’s meeting with strong sobriety and diverse membership.

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