Preface: 40 Years of Sober Stories – Anonymous_Mar 2019

When I celebrated forty years of sobriety, a friend of mine suggested I write my story. I rejected that suggestion with the rationale “I don’t think I have the attention span to write my story.” My friend countered by asking if I would consider writing down some of my shorter stories. I agreed to write a few short stories. As I see it, God gave me the gift of life and these stories are my way of re-gifting. I was kind enough to limit each story to a single page in my word processor, based on the premise that I might not be the only one with a short attention span. Besides, no one wants to hear me ranting. Some stories are about a single event, others cover a number of years and some reflect some of my thoughts I’ve picked up along the way.
When I started writing the words just fell on the page. Then my writing slowed down, not due to “writer’s block,” but because I thought I was beginning to repeat myself; it happens at my age. I quit writing when I decided I was just writing, as one might say, just to hear myself talk.
I hope some of my stories are helpful, if not entertaining. Maybe someone can avoid some of the mistakes I’ve made along the way. It took me a year to find the “easier, softer way.” It took a year and a half to become willing. It took me two years to get into service. It took three years to be comfortable in my own skin. It took me five years to experience real serenity, a God conscious serenity. It took about twenty-six years to complete my Fifth Step (letting go of the last secret). Hopefully things will come quicker for you than they did for me.
May God bless and may you have blue skies and tailwinds for the rest of your days.


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