My Home Group: Fresh Air Serenity Seekers – Chick B_Mar 2019

This is an open meeting that gathers 5 days a week, Monday through Friday. Readings from chapters 3 & 5 out of the “Big Book” are followed by celebrating certain lengths of sobriety. A different person chairs each day who calls on people to share on a topic they have chosen. This is the story of how this meeting came to be, as relayed by Chick B.

Having gotten sober in February of 1985, Chick B started going to meetings at the old Fellowship Hall on Richard Street. It was there he met his sponsor, Pat H. It wasn’t long before they both started to hang out at the Alano Club in Murray. They would have lunch or dinner together and chat. In the course of their discussions Pat would often ask Chick, “where’s the serenity?” One day Chick asked Pat, “why isn’t there a noon meeting at this club?” So Pat started a new meeting at noon and they called it the “Serenity Seekers” (in reference to Pat always asking Chick “where’s the serenity?”). After registering with Central Office they had their first meeting sometime around the beginning of April, 1985. For the first meeting they brought along a Big Book and a mirror in a white shoe box. The mirror, they figured, would come in handy in case no one else attended the new meeting. Pat and Chick were the only people at the first meeting, but it grew, slowly but surely. It was so successful that on the one year anniversary of the meeting a potluck was held and over 100 people attended.

In the beginning the meeting was held in the big room upstairs at the Alano Club. Sometime prior to January of 1995, Bob K. from the Sugarhouse Men’s group asked that the meeting be split between smokers and non smokers. The smokers still met in the big room and the non smokers moved to the smaller room and began to call their meeting the “Fresh Air Serenity Seekers.” After January of 1995 when it became illegal to smoke indoors the two meetings joined together, keeping the name Fresh Air Serenity Seekers. They are still there Monday through Friday from noon to 1pm. It’s a wonderful way to spend an hour and you can have lunch or breakfast while you’re at the meeting!

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