AA Behind Bars – Franswor G_Feb 2019

My name is Franswor Grant, I’m 34 years old, and I’m originally from Charleston, SC. I’ve resided in SLC, Utah for 3 years. This place is awesome, the views are intoxicating. This place is special. I first moved to Utah in 2016. I thought I had it all together moving from Charleston, SC 2500 miles away. I came to Utah to work in the culinary arts industry. Utah is known for great food. I landed a great job at a local Italian restaurant. I was the lead line cook, working the grill position tempting meats, plating food, and making side dishes. Taste and presentation along with speed was everything. I was happy doing what I loved. Unfortunately, I started drinking heavy prior to the end of my shift, this became a normal thing, then I would fill a water bottle with alcohol and bring meth and cocaine with me to work and take frequent bathroom breaks to take shots and use drugs in the bathroom at work. My excuse was meth and cocaine gave me energy and the alcohol mellowed me out. But all I was doing was feeding my growing alcohol and drug addiction. Things were very bad, but I continued to perform well on the job and hide things from my boss. I was very sad and depressed, spending most of my earnings on alcohol and drugs. I lost everything. First my job, then my apartment, then I lost hope. Living on the streets of Salt Lake City Utah for about 2 years committing crimes to support my drug habit and alcohol bill. Things got worse. I ended up in prison, Utah State Prison (Draper). To a normal person Prison is a bad thing but for me this was a blessing. Prison saved MY LIFE!! I entered a drug program and I’ve been attending A.A. at least twice a week, sometimes I go more, especially during those times when things get tough and I want to drink or use drugs. The people at A.A. are like a family I never had. They respect me, show me love, and most importantly they listen to me. Sometimes in life we just want to be heard, express ourselves, well I thank A.A. for that. Also A.A. does not force religion on me, and this has brought me closer to God and now Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior. Through the power of Christ I will never drink nor use drugs again. A.A. has changed my life and if you’re reading this and have any struggles in your life related to alcohol or drugs I urge you to give A.A. a try with an open mind and heart. We are here to help each other. I still get high and drunk, but this time I’m high off life and I’m drunk in love with the Lord and that’s very intoxicating. God Bless, be strong, keep smiling

– Franswor G.

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