Giving My Will Over by Brandon R_Oct 2018

Step 3: Giving My Will Over

I have created misery and pain, from which I only have myself to blame.

Injecting the drugs planted demon seeds to Bud deep inside my brain.

This life of Sorrow for every tomorrow is of my own creation,

so what I’m about to say took much contemplation.

there is one way out to contain the spout of my odd behavior.

That is the one I call God, energy, source or creator.

Finally I have hope that helps me to cope with a past life of what I’ve known.

This may sound corny or cheesy but this faith has helped me to grow.

This is a contract explaining what I must do to have a better now and later.

I must give my life over to something I understand to be my Savior.

-Brandon R.

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  1. John Draper Reply

    That is so up lifting when you read it, being an addict myself I understand that in ways that others probably don’t as you know. Currently I’m struggling really bad however I’m trying harder than I ever have to do what’s right and not relapse, this is one of the hardest things that I’ve ever had to do in life and I know that my life will be much better if keep on the path that I’m going down but I’m alone in this and have found it very difficult not having anyone to support me in this and having no friends that are clean and not trying to get me to use with them. Thank you for your insight, that was very well worded and I can relate in a lot of ways!!!!!
    John Draper

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