Mother – An AA Member_Sept 2018


The mother the wellspring of life

our bodies gifts of this light,

we are the vessel and we have the right.

effluvium of energy flowing out of rock crevices

stony with the strength of carrying mans woes.

Our bodies only an offering

a vessel filled with love & life

overflowing with the power to return the light

Though we may spill when we trip and falter

it returns to the spring as it is living water

Filtered through trauma and pain

it returns to the source and comes back again and again.

My Mother a source melding together

Life runs its course, cutting through barriers eroding

the old cancerous ways, there is no way

to hold her back as she always finds a way,

Moms rocky walls covered in green moss

eating away mistakes, concrete turns to clay,

Malleable we become willing to make a new day.

-AA Member

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