From Your Chair – March 2017

We discovered that the doors of Salt Lake Central Office opened 70 years ago in 1947! I called our area archivist and asked if she knew if the doors had been opened continuously since then. She said as far as she knew they had been. She also said that she had a binder full of archival information about us. Copies will be made for our archives.

I was never one that got excited about Archives or history for that matter. But the longer that I’ve been involved in this Fellowship the more I appreciate where we have been, the things we have gone through to get where we are today. The more I learn about the sacrifices made by those that came before us the more I appreciate what we have today.

I would like to make a request of every reader of this article. If you have interesting stories, memorabilia, photographs, anything that would shed light on our history here in the greater Salt Lake area please send them in, write articles, I would love to talk to you, we do have an archivist who would be interested in taking your story and your memories so they’re not lost. The area archivist told me that she doesn’t have any information when we were at the 21st south office or since we moved into our new digs on Louise Avenue. Any stories of that era would be greatly appreciated.

Gina has put together a great presentation for new Central Office Reps. Her CO Rep orientation meeting will be presented each month at 6:00pm on the second Tuesday directly before the monthly CO Rep meeting. I would personally like to see everyone attend one of her presentations. New to service or not it’s a great package of information and a chance to ask questions.

It has been a please and honor to work with the board of directors, all the Trustees,  Alternate Trustees, our Treasurer, Secretary, Co-Chair, all of the Committee Chairs and the volunteers that staff the office and cover our 24 hour hotline these last few months. I love the dedication, enthusiasm, and the energy that we have at Central Office. We continue to carry the Message of hope and strength to those that still suffer. Thank you all for your continued support.

Doug R


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