Changes to the online and print schedule

We are pleased to announce a few improvements to how we publish the local AA meeting schedule.

First up is a slew of updates to the online listing.  We’ve cleaned up the overall layout, making the map links more prominent, giving more room to the address, and made it possible to click the format codes on each line and see the legend.  No more scrolling to the bottom, hunting for the list.  Also, in addition to the existing meeting search there are now several quick filters available: city, home group, locations, and zip code.  Locations is still a work in progress as we update the database.

Not to be outdone, the print schedule has received two important changes.  We don’t get a huge volume of changes every month, but because the schedule has the month printed at the top there was a concern that we were causing waste by implying that past month’s schedules were wildly inaccurate.  We’ve made a small but significant tweak to address this.  Going forward the schedule title will only change quarterly.  This only affects the title, we will still continue to print the most up to date schedules for distribution, but we hope that fewer are thrown away.

For those who download the print schedule we’re also trying something new.  In the office we use a Google spreadsheet to make changes available to various committees instantly, including the Volunteer Committee which handles printing.  Previously to get a copy on the website we’ve had to save it as a PDF and upload it, a task that is sometimes delayed due to time constraints.  We’ve changed the link to go directly to the Google spreadsheet, so it will always be the latest and greatest.  It can still be saved as a PDF and printed just like we do here.  If you regularly print your own copy and need assistance, please use the contact form and we’ll be happy to help.

Please let us know if you encounter any issues, have feedback or just want to talk about the schedule.

1 comment on “Changes to the online and print schedule”

  1. Rick H. Reply

    Dear CO,

    I am looking for a website that tells about the Dist-2 meeting for GSRs.

    I represent Honey’s-6:30-AM-Fellowship hall.

    It will be my 1st GSR meeting. I think it is at 17th/17th at 7PM on the last Thur of the month. Seeking a resource whereby I can confirm my understanding.

    * Can you provide a weblink?
    * Or a contact person?

    Best Regards,
    Rick H.

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