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Step 5

I don’t remember ever hearing a term like “The gates of insanity” before.  It sure did describe me when I got here.  In fact, I think I had one foot inside the gate.  I knew I was crazy and there was no hope for me. The program of AA has promised me that if I

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Why an Inventory?

“Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves” “Step Four.  It is the beginning of a lifetime practice in gaining a meaningful perspective or yourself.” So counseled the Sponsor to his Sponsee as they shared a hefty piece of apple pie alamode at Fellowship Hall. SPONSEE: Yeah.  But what’s in it for me?  After

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My spirit began to wake up when my desire to stop drinking coupled with a willingness to do whatever it took to accomplish that desire. The process of getting desire and willingness on the same page took years of desperation drinking. On May 12, 1989 I spoke to my first recovering alcoholic. On that day,

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