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Dear Friends,

Service in the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous has an incredibly broad and vast range of opportunities for anyone who wants to get involved. From being a door greeter at your home group to being a delegate of your area, and everything that comes in between; whether you’re answering phones at central offices, volunteering at institutional facilities, being on any kind of committee, participating in workshops and assemblies, going on Twelfth Step calls, buying subscriptions of the Grapevine/La Vina—whether for yourself  or to give to homebound members, or to leave in your Dr.’s offices—all of these are vital and important acts in the effort to extend the hand of AA and its life saving program to the still suffering alcoholic.

I remember the first time I volunteered for service in AA. I was 18 months sober and a two year secretary position became available at a meeting I was regularly attending. I remember being quite intimidated by the prospect of making that long of a commitment. No one seemed to be interested in filling the position, and so it was left open for about a month. I thought about it even harder when I had sort of a light bulb go on in my head that—if I committed to the position, I’d certainly have to show up to the meeting every week—and I’d surely have to stay sober in order to keep it. So, what do I have I to lose? Nothing, right?! By the end of that commitment, which seemed to fly by so fast, I realized that I had 2 more years of sobriety than I did when I first started as secretary! Wow! At that point I said to myself, what’s next? Then the flood gates were opened and I was searching for another “job” in AA.  I had learned by now that the time commitment involved in filling any service needed in AA, is still only a “one day at a time” gig. And with that understanding, I have been involved in General Service to Alcoholics Anonymous for a while now. I often wonder if I would still be sober today had not my “Higher Power” given me the courage to raise my hand back then.

So…here’s what’s happening in my service journey at present:

Area 69 held its 2014 Fall “General Service Elections” Assembly September 26th – 28th. This is such an exciting yet humbling experience for AA members getting involved in the General Service structure. Elections of Area 69 Officers are conducted by ballot using the “Third Legacy Procedure”, as described in the “A.A. Service Manual Combined With Twelve Concepts for World Service” by Bill W., and is found on pages S21-S22.  Area Standing Committee Chairs are elected either by ballot or by raise of hands of all eligible voting members of the Area Assembly. Area 69 elections are held every 2 years (in even years), and the rotation of the new panel begins January 1st (of odd years). As with most service positions in AA, these commitments are 2 year terms.

Some of you may have already heard about the results of the Fall Assembly Elections through your GSR’s reports and through the “grapevine” word of mouth. The Area 69 “Pass the Gavel” December Committee Meeting, being hosted by District 10 on December 6, 2014, is when and where the currently serving Panel 63 Committee Members will graciously “Pass the Gavel” to the newly elected Panel 65 Committee Members, and we’ll get to hear them share about the gift of sobriety through their personal service journeys. Everyone and anyone in the fellowship is welcomed and encourage to attend this one day event  to meet the incoming “trusted servants”, and to thank the rotating-out “trusted servants”. This is a great opportunity to check out general service if you’re interested in learning more about it. “There is always a job to do in A.A.!” as a very good friend mine always told me. Please join us—I look forward to meeting you there!

In Gratitude, Love, and Service,

Renae H.

Utah Delegate Elect (2015-2017)

Area 69/Panel 65


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The end of my term as Area 69 Delegate for Panel 63 is quickly approaching; I remember feeling joy and fear when I was elected like it was yesterday.

The joy of knowing that being elected meant that Area 69 AA members and God believed that I could do this job.  At the same time, I was so impressed with the job that my predecessor had done that I wondered if I could do as good a job as he did.  I want to thank Keith (Delegate, Panel 61) for all the help that he gave me along this journey.

I will always be thankful that I was given the opportunity to see the Conference process up-close and personnel.  I love the idea of the Conference buddy who is a Delegate that attended the General Service Conference the previous year.  The conference buddy is there to guide you through the conference process.  This meant that I was a conference buddy to someone my second year at the conference and I really enjoyed being a conference buddy.

Meeting the GSO staff and touring GSO is something that I would recommend to everyone.  Getting to know the Area 69 Districts and passing along information to and from them has allowed me to grow in ways that I could never have imagined.  The best thing that happened to me along this journey is that I made friends that I will always treasure.

The one thing that I know for sure is that I did not do this thing alone.  Working with Panel 63 (Area 69) has been a growing experience that will be with me forever.  As Delegate, I relied on the panel to help me with the process of passing along information.

Finally I would pass along the following to the new Delegate:

  1. Enjoy your time as Delegate.
  2. Make it your own (i.e., don’t try to be like your predecessor).
  3. Track and organize the paper work that you receive from GSO and others.
  4. Rely on Panel 65 members for help.
  5. Know your role as Delegate in order to pass along information effectively.

It has been my pleasure to serve as Area 69 Delegate for Panel 63.  Thank you Area 69 for allowing me to serve.

Walter Curry

Delegate, Area 69 Panel 63



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Midvale Lunch Bunch

Nick –60 days

Christen –60 days

Terri –18 months

Arianne –9 monts

Carol –37 years


Life Elevated Group @Lone Peak, Utah State Prison

Blake –1 year
Randy –1 year


Nomadic Lunch Bunch

Stacey –60 days

Kim –3years

Veronique –3 years

Stephen –17 years

Johnny –18 years

Ron –26 years

Tony –35 years


City At Seven

Tim –3years

Cliff –3 years

Katie –11 years

Camille –16 years

Mike –17 years

Zeke –29 years


An AA Group

Kaila –3 years

Jason –10 years

Bud –29 years

…So my concept of a Higher Power is probably much like that of others but I simply see mine a little differently.  My Higher Power simply supplies me with things. All kinds of things! They aren’t necessarily good nor are they bad.  They are just things.  Some things I like and some things I don’t like.  What I do about all those things, good or bad, whether I approve or disapprove, and how I conduct myself on a daily basis with regard to those things, is the connection I have to my HP and it is done through the practice of spirituality.

So what is Spirituality for me? Well, it is an inner path, which enables me to discover the essence of my being. Spirituality is not only discovering who I am, but also who I want to be.  It is nurturing my thoughts, emotions, words, and actions that are in harmony with my belief that the entire universe is, in some way connected.

It includes deep principles of love, caring, moral values, as well as kindness and consideration of my fellows.  It also carries with it life without prejudice.  It is a practice that includes meditation, prayer, and contemplation, and is intended to develop my inner life.  Spirituality is my connection to my Higher Power whether it is rooted in religion, nature, or some kind of unknown essence.

The challenge of being a spiritual person as I have described it is at best overwhelming for me.  Am I doing it perfectly?  Heck no, not necessarily, but it is a worthwhile goal toward which I need to endure and strive for in order to live a peaceful and serene life.

In conclusion, having a Higher Power in my life helps me to better understand, appreciate, and accept the steps… especially steps two, three and eleven.  I am now able to accept and understand that circumstance, situations, conditions, state of affairs, environment, and surroundings, has everything to do with my Higher Power and very little to do with me.  Today I use the key of willingness as pointed out in step three to accept and move toward a faith that works.

Today I can say beyond doubt and unequivocally, that daily living for me is much easier and more fulfilling now that I truly have a Higher Power in my life.   And most importantly to have a better understanding how my life fits within that Higher Power.

-Alan L.


Greetings Salt Lake Central Office! Amazing to think that this little venture, AA, continues to thrive and sustain us, long after the first meeting of Bill and Bob. We got to relive that meeting a couple of Saturdays ago at the annual Chili Cook-off while watching “My Name is Bill W.”, and eating some fabulous chili. What a great event that was, thanks to Joel and Penny for being such good party hosts. And thanks to those who brought delicious chili, can’t wait until next year.

It’s November and voting is in the air. On November 11 at the CO Committee meeting, we’ll be electing a new Chair, Co-Chair and one Trustee to serve for the next 2 years. It’s been an honor and quite a lot of fun this last year, thank you for the opportunity to serve. If you’ve been around for a while and want to step up your service game, I encourage you to read our bylaws and stand for one of these positions. It is a wonderful thing to be a part of.

The November election will be a rehearsal for December when we elect 13 new Committee Chairs. That’s right, 13 new Chairs will be serving our community in a wide variety of roles, from ordering books for the bookshelves to educating professionals about our program. The only requirement is 2 years of sobriety and a desire to have the best time of your life in service.

The excerpt below is from a talk by Harry Tiebout, MD, one of AA’s first non-alcoholic professional friends. The italics are mine, but the message is clear, faith without works is dead, and what better place than the Central Office to carry on the work?

“When I made my first acquaintance with AA, I rode the pink cloud with most of its members. I, too, went through a period of disillusionment and, fortunately for me, I came out with a faith far stronger than anything a pink cloud can supply. Only through hard toil and labor can lasting results be obtained.

As a consequence of the need for work to supplement any miracle, my interest in the non-miracle features has grown. I can accept more truly the necessity of organization, of structure which curbs as well as guides. I believe there must be meetings like this one [the 1955 AA International Conference, St Louis MO] to provide the sense of belonging to a big working organization of which each individual is but a part. And I believe that any group or individual who fails to participate in the enterprises of the organization is rendering himself and his group a disservice by not submitting to the disciplinary values inherent in those activities. He may be keeping his ego free of entanglements but he is also keeping it unstopped. His chances of remaining sober are not of a high order.” Harry M. Tiebout, M.D.


In loving service, Wendy

Oct 20, 2014


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N/S Sobriety
Misty-30 days
Russell-30 days
Greg-30 days
Alex-90 days
Mike-90 days
Edith- 6 months
Torin- 9 months
Todd- 1 year
Justin- 18 months
Jollene- 18 months
Kristine- 18 months
Dave- 1 year
Kelly- 3 years
Dave- 6 years
Larry- 22 years
Eddy- 25 years
Tony- 35 years

Midvale Lunch Bunch
Lane -30 days
Kenny -30 days
Norma -90 days
Greg -18 years

Speak Easy Ladies
Lindsey -30 days
Jessica -30 days
Frankie -30 days
Natia -30 days
Jan -60 days
Amra -2 years
Claudia -2 years
Barbara -24 years
Julie -24 years
Toni -25 years

City At Seven
Jake -18 months
Ryan -1 year
Austin -6 years
Meg -7 years
Elizabeth -8 years
Lisa -12 years

An AA Group
Josh -1 year
Jacob -4 years
Jay 5 -years
Matt -15 years
Kimmi -15 years


As Douglas Adams said, I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by. And there goes another one. One of the deadlines coming up is in November when we’ll be electing a new Chair, Co-Chair and one Trustee for a 2-year term. Then in December, we’ll be electing 13 new trusted servants to the Committee Chairs for a 2-year term. That’s right, all 13 positions will be rotating. Activities, Archives, Cooperation with the Professional Community, Corrections, Hotline, Literature, Newsletter, Outreach, Public Information, Treatment Facilities, Twelfth Step, Volunteer and Website chairs will all be available as service positions. If you are currently serving and haven’t served a full term, you are eligible to stand for another term. If you aren’t currently serving and meet the required 2 years of continuous and immediate sobriety, you can stand for any of these positions.   Experience and knowledge are not necessary, just a willingness to serve. Trust me, you will have experience and knowledge by the time you’re through. There is information on each of these positions on the website, or on our own website, or from any of the currently serving Chairs.

How can we best strengthen the composition and the leadership of the future Salt Lake Central Office? We have only to look to ourselves, to “…the active people of today and the potential leaders of tomorrow as each new generation of able members swarms in. We have an abundance of men and women whose dedication, stability, vision and special skills make them capable of dealing with every possible service assignment. We have only to seek these folks out and trust them to serve us.” ~Bill Wilson, Leadership in AA: Ever a Vital Need

Thank you for letting me serve,

In loving service, Wendy

September 15, 2014