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From BS to IS – Lisa O_Lifeline 2015

From BS to IS by Lisa O. I  like  to  divide  my  life  into  two  periods, before  sobriety  which  I  term  “BS”  and  in  sobriety, for  which  I  use  “IS.”  While  I  was  living  in  my  BS, I  would  read  metaphysical  books  and  study philosophy,  religion  and  esoteric  subjects  like biofeedback  and  how  to  make 

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Understanding Anonymity – Copyright © 1981, 2011 Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc

GENERAL SOCIAL NETWORKING WEBSITES; Facebook  and  other  social  networking  websites  are  public  in  nature. Though  users  create  accounts  and  utilize  usernames  and  passwords, once on the site, it is a public medium where A.A.  members and non A.A.s mingle. As long  as  individuals do  not  identify  themselves  as  A.A. members,  there is no conflict of

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