Changed Life -Wes H_Feb 2019

I was sitting in my class. I started feeling like I’m the one being watched – just like a fish behind the glass. As the day rolled on my mind was drifting on. I looked into my past and that’s when it hit me. I’ve been behind these walls for most of my adult life. I really need to get a grip on how I want to stay out of here, and lead a productive life style. The only true way I know how to do that is to stay out of my drug life and I can’t do it unless I step into the door of a A.A. or N.A. meeting, and tell my story of what it truly means to want something so bad that you will do anything to strive to have the road of recovery in your everyday life. So let’s put our hearts and our minds together so we can help one another to become closer to the light of each others lives. Living the life of our recovery is our way of loving ourselves and others more each striving day in sobriety.

-Wes H.

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