AA Behind Bars – Nick K_Jan 2019

Here I sit. Not idle, however. I’m sitting at a table surrounded by darn good men, who struggle with a cunning and baffling phenomenon. Of course I’m talking about addiction and I’m sitting in the Promontory Correctional Facility in Draper Utah. This is the Con-Quest Substance Abuse Program and I’m an extremely grateful recovering alcoholic. There are darn good men here with so much potential. We have; former professional athletes and major leaguers, doctors, farmers, drillers, carpenters, entomologists and fathers, sons and brothers. We also have; broken hearts, broken families, broken lives, waste of potential, loss of income, costs on society and let’s not ever forget our children. What a contrast! To take a medical doctor and reduce him or her to being a drunk; well it must take a very powerful process. That process is addiction. Addiction almost always ends in jails, institutions and sadly and eventually death. So, one would have to ask him/her self, “how do I protect myself?” There are literally billions of dollars dedicated to; rehabs, prisons, jails, psych centers, medications, research and therapies to combat addiction. As an alcoholic in recovery for 20 years I learned one vital life-saving truth…I am not powerful enough by myself, but with God anything and everything is possible. I am not a doctor, PHD, clairvoyant, philosopher or guru, just a mildly articulate recovering alcoholic who knows that much. I cannot do “it” alone. Happy New Year, Nick K.

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